Good morning from Dubai.  That’s just a little to the right of Florida. Oh and by the way.  It’s 5:13 am. I didn’t just get up. I have been up since 2 am. It’s not jet lag either. I purposefully set my alarm for 1;45 am.   I needed to get ready for a weekly phone call I make to two amazing parents of a young man that struggling to navigate the waters of sexuality.  It is 6 pm on the east coast of the US.

I love what I get to do.  I love that God lets me play a role in the restoration of families.  Even as every force in our ungodly world seeks to destroy or redefine the family, God still loves His original design.  Getting up at 2 am might seem like a huge inconvenience, but in light of eternity, it’s a small sacrifice to be able to sow truth into someone’s life.  The family I am chatting with love their son unconditionally and want God’s best for his life. I have said it before and I will say it often, homosexuality is not God’s best for our lives.  It is something I found myself settling for; when satan had me convinced that there was no way out and I falsely believed that God hated me.  Homosexuality is but a symptom of deeper, underlying issues.  I found that by getting ministry and healing for those underlying issues and my personal, sexual struggle begin to lose some of it’s hold on my life.

I have been talking with these parents for a few months now.  God has revealed so many amazing things to all of us.  The Holy Spirit encouraged me to ask the parents to write down the good characteristics and qualities they see in their son: current and potential. The Holy Spirit also encouraged me to urge them to set up boundaries for their son, rather than to continually allow his brokenness to keep everyone in the house walking on eggshells.  In the weeks since doing these two simple tasks they have seen the words and qualities that they called forth in their son, begin to materialize. As my old Pastor, Joe would say, YAY GOD!!!  There are two scriptures I shared with them that demonstrates this principle.

Romans 4:17 As it is written: “I have made you a father of many nations.”  He is our father in the sight of God, in whom he believed—the God who gives life to the dead and calls into being things that were not.

Genesis 1:Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.  And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

Even if we settle for making a comfortable place to lie down and rest in the midst of our sin, God sees us there and wants to speak like into our darkness.  The same way God spoke light into darkness and called something that didn’t exist into being, is the same way He calls us out of sexual sin and brokenness.  Some churches have begun to speak out both sides of their mouth when it comes to the issue of biblical sexuality.  They say they are committed to the word of God, but then they turn around and rewrite and reinterpret it to make it say something about homosexuality that it doesn’t say.  I can’t be fooled or convinced by these new misguided revelations amongst the church community.  Why?   I wasn’t just a tourist who once visited LGBTQ’ville.  I was a resident for many years.  These new revelations are nothing more than compassionate men being more moved by the emotions and persuasion of people, than by the Spirit of the Living God and the truth of His word.

Everything I do and share in regards to homosexuality flies in the face of modern day culture, gay marriage and changing societal beliefs.  Have you noticed that in addition to entertaining you, almost every other TV show out there is bent on indoctrinating you into seeing homosexuality and heterosexuality as equal?  Homosexuality is still sin, but we needn’t treat those affected by it as exiles.  We must also not give them free reign to change every aspect of our culture and education.  I believe that children should grow up having compassion for everyone, while still living out a life based on biblical standards.  We have to hold the gay community close, live out a standard of biblical truth and let the Holy Spirit lead and guide them towards Jesus.  If we say their sin is okay and lead them in our beliefs, then we have placed an obstacle before our brother or sister and they will stumble.  We will be held responsible for what we teach that is not in alignment with scripture.

As soon as I land back in Orlando, I will plug back into a battle for the souls of our friends lost and trapped in the LGBTQ community that wish to be free.  We just don’t hear from them, because to question or doubt homosexuality amongst the ranks of the LGBTQ is akin to mentioning that you are a Trump supporter.  It is met with a lack of intolerance that they fight vehemently against, but actively exercise when it’s convenient for their cause.

For those who support me financially, thank you for allowing me this time away to rest and travel to Dubai and Kazakhstan.  It is a time of replenishment and rest for my soul.  Thank supporters and friends for your financial and prayer support that lets me do this ministry that God has laid on my heart. You are the backbone of my ministry.  I appreciate you. The families I am able to help appreciate you. Yours are the voices I hear when the world speaks all manner of lies about me.

Freedom from the bondage and the lure of homosexuality is still possible. I am living proof. My friends in ministry are living proof.  Jesus is the answer we should all seek for our loved ones affected by homosexuality. It is only in His name that anything spiritual is ever accomplished in our lives.

 If you are a family member of someone who struggles with homosexuality, regardless of whether they want help or not, you owe it to yourself to become educated on my ministry or a similar one.  There are books and resources out there that can help you cope and find the courage and hope to fight against the enemy who is at work in the lives of your sons and daughters.  It is never, too late to start fighting for your loved one.  I don’t care if they have been in the gay life for 4 days for 40 years.  God is indeed a God of rescue missions and setting His creation free from all manner of bondage.  His word says that we have not, because we ask not.  Let’s begin to be a people that ask and petition God for the release of the captives.