A lovely friend of mine in Denmark sent me a posting of another well meaning pastor who says he’s done his own research and came up with the idea that homosexuality in it’s monogamous form is well, okay in he and his wife’s eyes.  I thought, well that’s great and all, but God still has the same plan for men and women that he had back in the day, even if you have decided that plan is negotiable.  I always find it interesting when married Christian couples who compassionately reach out to the gay community, encourage them to settle for a sanitized sinful life rather than to believe God for what they themselves have; biblical, God designed marriage between a man and a woman.  Anyway.  I wrote a response to this pastor.  I was calm and level headed.  I didn’t say anything I’ll need to write and apologize about tomorrow.  The scary part is that this pastor is not the first and he won’t be the last Christian who is side stepping scripture on this one particular sin.  It would seem that although homosexuality is listed among many sins in the bible, it has a great public relations team.  There are those whose job it is to tirelessly work daily to singled out homosexuality , polish it up and strategically infiltrate churches and culture to get their poisoned apple beliefs in front of anyone willing to take a bite.

My response.

“I came across this post from a friend of mine. I left homosexuality in 1999. God led me out. My story is not welcome in the LGBTQ community. I have received almost zero of the tolerance they demand from the rest of the world. For 17 years now I’ve stood firm on the word of God that showed me homosexuality is a sin and not in God’s plan for his people. I’m saddened that so many in the church are changing their views on scripture or worse yet changing and reinterpretting scripture to condone sin. While those folks may be firm in their faith, their twisting of scripture is leading others in the opposite direction of the gospel and eternal life. We are to be Christians with no modifiers in front of that name or otherwise we are mixing the Spirit of God with the ideals of our flesh. I walked out of homosexuality by the grace and leading of God. Scripture and truth set me free. What modern day scholars are doing to the word in the bane of homosexuality is appalling. You can make any text say what you want if you dissect it to pieces and look at scripture verse by verse rather than holistically. God is not an unprepared God my friend. If same sex marriage was in his plan from the beginning, surely he would have laid a foundation for it as he laid for heterosexual marriage. So many folks looking to legitimize homosexual sin read the bible and see what is not there as a means to prove their arguments. We need to be looking at the bible and living by what is there rather than looking for loopholes. God listed Homosexuality among others sins over and over. You don’t see anyone out on a Public relations your for the other sins it’s is written among. But we’ve let our that we’ve wronged people cause an over correction in our faith. Rather than apologizing and recovering scripture in love, we’ve back peddled, over corrected and exchanged the truth of God for a lie. LGBTQ may feel good in that moment, but unless they allow the truth of Jesus to change their life-threatening you’ve signed them up for an eternity separated from God. I urge you to contact those like me who have walked away from homosexuality. Sure there are those who have tried and say it didn’t work. waking away from homosexuality and sin in general isn’t something you try on for size, and return if it doesn’t fit. Repentance is the practice of a lifetime. I still believe freedom from homosexuality is possible, but if the church has stopped adhering to the truth of the word, then maybe it’s still not such a safe place after all. I run a ministry called Big Fish in Central Florida. I have dedicated my life to helping men and women walk out of homosexuality. God is still in the business of rescuing those trapped in sin, even when the church behind to place more value on someone emotions rather than the truth of scripture. There is a way to represent the truth about God designed sexuality for a man and a woman and love the LGBTQ community well. Galatians 1:10 Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ.”

If are interested in reading what the pastor wrote, here it is in detail.   I’ll warn you.  It is long.  I feel like he could have said what he needed to say in three or four paragraphs.  It almost seems like he’s trying to desperately find support for a topic that is biblically flawed.  Maybe he’s trying to convince himself.